Welcome to Coolmacaw.com!

A smalltown business
with big dreams and great products!

Thank you for stopping by at coolmacaw.com. I’m Lisa and I started this store with a profound love for pets. I hope you enjoy the products we offer because a lot of thought went into trying to create something perfect for you and your pet!


Our Products

We sell our products on thru Etsy. Feel free to drop me a message and ask any questions, that would help you make the right choice with your purchase.

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Our Story

American products for the American consumer.

We are based in the Garden State of New Jersey and our goal is to provide high quality pet products, made here at home, for affordable prices.  So if you’re looking for an American store for your pet, search no more!!

Pet Safe

We source our materials from suppliers who produce pet friendly materials

Dog Leashes

Coolmacaw Dog Leashes are American made, right here in New Jersey, with the highest quality pet friendly materials

Good Prices

Because we are able to source our materials in bulk and sell our products online, our prices are very competitive for American made products.

Our Business

From New Jersey
to America

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We began by making dog leashes and quickly realized through family and friends, that there was  great demand for parrot toys with the similar materials we used for the leashes. So as time went on we grew our business to provide parrot toys, dog leashes and cat collars. All our products are American made and some of our materials are globally sourced, to provide you with what we believe, is the perfect tool for your pet’s happiness!

Coming Soon!

Coolmacaw.com is upgrading and will be coming soon!